THAILAND: Plearnpattana School participates in 6th International Festival "Stories to Change the World" 2016


Told the story - Apolakus by Alice Mallari and Leo Aguica to our Grade 4 and 6 students at Plearnpattana School.

The story is about a boy who imagines he has magic powers in school where he is bullied, but only to be faced with the reality that there are kids who take advantage of him. Until one day, he told his mom, his teacher who told the guidance counselor about his circumstance. From then on, things have turned around. He learned to stand up for himself, and even showed only kindness to them. They had a change of heart, and change in relationship.

After the story we had a discussion with the children about what to do when they experience bullying -- talk to their parents, teachers, or guidance counselors to stop it from happening any further.

Kudos to the program! 


Hi! I'd like to take part in this meaningful project!

Here are my details:

Name --- Teacher Anna, storyteller and performer, reading specialist

Where --- Plearnpattana School, 33/39-40 Suanphak Road, Thaweewattana, Bangkok, Thailand

What time --- 3:30pm

Many thanks and more power!

Anna o/

Here is a picture of me, behind are the kids from my school... which i intended not to show clearly their faces.

If you could upload this instead, that would be appropriate!



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